Evil Geniuses NFT is a collection of 4454 unique characters who live in Garhem City. Every character is generated automatically from 260 various elements created by our talented digital artists. Therefore, every single character has unique traits, skin, clothes, accessories, hairstyle and background in general. 10 of Geniuses are super unique ones, these tokens are super rare and have special theme-based concepts. After the project starts successfully, in the long term NFT customers will get Minions and Mixtures in order to conduct crazy experiments, to arrange fighting and to capture the planet as they once captured Garhem City. This exciting history will be described in details in comics about a meta universe of Evil Geniuses. EGNFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Currently the project has got
- a website https://evilgeniusesnft.com/
- a Twitter account https://twitter.com/EvilGeniusesNFT
- a Community in Discord https://discord.gg/egnft

Team of the project consists of the investor, web-designers, digital artists, marketer, translator and community managers. All team members work on creating the content for social media and networks and building a huge organic NFT Community in order to develop the project further. A special attention is paid to customer loyalty and marketing campaigns.

Minting process consists of 1) presale and 2) sale. Customers also have the opportunity to get into the Whitelist of 500 presale slots. A detailed instruction of getting into the Whitelist is published on the channel in the Discord server.

Dates and Prices:
- 0,033 on Presale
- 0,04 on Sale
Presale members will be able to mint 3 EGNFTs during the presale launch. This is limited to 500 members. Total amount of EGNFT that can be minted during presale is 1,600.
More than 2,500 EGNFTs will remain during our public launch. Everyone will be able to mint as many EGNFTs as they choose. Each transaction will be limited to 5 EGNFTs in order to give everyone a fair chance and prevent bots from sweeping.

There is a roadmap published on the website and in the Discord server. According to the map after the project starts, there will be several ways of project development:

10% Splash: We will drop 20 EGNFT tokens to random backers after reveal.
20% Commotion: You can order your Evil Genius souvenir card.
35% Choice: We will create a channel in our discord for EGNFT holders and will communicate with you on the management and further development of the project, taking into account every suggestion.
50% Infection: Guaranteed launch of the collection of Minions for Evil Geniuses.
75% Increase: We drop 20 EGNFT tokens to random backers after reveal.
100% Capture: We put 25 ETH into marketing costs for the long-term development and cooperation with top NFT influencers.

Each EGNFT will be a Governance token, so each token gives the opportynity to vote for the metaverse development. In addition, each EGNFT owner will receive a guaranteed allocation to participate in the initial sale of our in-game EGCash money, at a very low price. We’ll explain all the details later.

Now we move on to the next steps.
1) Minions.
There will be 8 types of minions (fiends of hell, experiments victim, zombies, tamed animals, mechanisms, enchanted people and 2 secret ones) of various rarity and characteristics. In addition, using different rarity rank, clothes, weapons and attack style, everyone will have a set of unique characteristics, such as Class, HP, speed, agility, intelligence, strength, as well as level. These characteristics will be hidden at the beginning, but you’ll easily find them in the game. We will check all EGNFT holders on a certain date right before the release of the EG collection in order to give each of them a random minion for free + gas. Therefore, all minions will have the status “generation 0” (this is important for the future of the game), so you won’t be able to mint them anymore. We will tell you everything about the number of minions, launching dates and other interesting details, as well as their images we will show as soon as everything is ready. It is important to underline that “generation “1 and next generations will differ from “generation 0”, it means that the value of generation 0 will be growing rapidly. Also, for those who will collect a complete collection of all types of minions, there will be a special cool drop (We’ll open this secret a bit later).

2) Mutations.
After the release of minions starts, each holder will receive a potion at a certain point in time, whan he can improve his minion if he wants, several potions can be applied to each minion, so they can be improved several times. It is up to you what to do with this chemical gift: to use it or to sell it on the market. More information about mutations will appear after the minions release.

3) Game.
It will consist of several components. It's about minion farming, mutations and pumping minions in PVE mode, dueling of single minions and minion teams in PVP mode. Also, the minions will receive unique skills that players can use in battle, as well as the ability to receive weapons and armor, which will also affect their characteristics. All this stuff will also work on the blockchain and you will be able to both use these weapons in battle and sell them on the secondary market. EGNFT Governance tokens will also play an important role here. Each EGNFTwill become your so-called share and will bring its holder an income from all ingame fees.

And it’s not a completed list of plans for the future of the Evil Geniuses and the metaverse in general. Watch announcements to be in! Evil wins!
Who are Evil Geniuses NFT and how are they going to take over the NFT world very soon?